1How can I order clones?
If you are a licensed medical cannabis cultivator, simply place your order with one of our sales representatives, and we will deliver the clones to you using one of our certified logistics partners.
2Where do you currently operate?
We are currently operating within South Africa but plans are in motion to expand internationally very soon
3Are you compliant with South African medical cannabis regulations?
Yes. We operate under a section 22C medical cannabis cultivation license issued by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority.
4After I place my order, how long before my plants are ready for pick-up or delivery?
This is dependent a number of factors which include; the multiplication rate, the requested strain, the size of the order and the number of orders already being fulfilled by us. In order to avoid the waiting list, we recommend placing the order well ahead of time.
5What’s the minimum order?
We are able to provide small sample batches of 48 plants of our strains held in stock at CloneLabs. For custom strain requests a minimum order of 250 plants will apply.


1I’ve heard that if I request the micropropagation of my unique strains, other growers will have access to my genetics…is this true?
Not at all, If you provide us with your own strain to micropropagate, that strain belongs exclusively to you.
2Does micropropagation bring back the vigour that an old mother plant has lost?
Yes. Micropropagation revitalises the original vigour of the clones created.

Plant & Grow

1Which strains are available?
Our strain collection is constantly being updated to offer you the most superior genetics. Please check with our sales consultants for the latest strains available through CloneLabs.
2How do we know your clones are pest free?
Micropropagation ensures sterile conditions. All of our processes are performed within a GMP certified facility.
3How big are the plants I’ll receive?
For our standard clones, they will come semi-hardened at about 5cm – 8cm tall. Smaller clones allow us to deliver in sterile sealed packs to prevent pest or pathogen contamination during transportation. The size of our clones also reduces the risk of plant damage and water loss during transportation.
4How many come in each pack?
48 clones established in either jiffy or rockwool are packed into each tray
5What’s so special about Tissue Culture clones?
In contrast to traditional cloning from cuttings, our plantlets come to you as 5cm – 8cm tall, semi-hardened clones with a well-established root system. Even at 5cm our tissue cultured clones have 3-5 nodes per plant. Tissue culture clones are completely clean and boast a consistency in quality other cloning methods can’t touch. We have a low toss rate meaning you save in the total number of purchased plants necessary to fill your grow space. Additionally, since tissue culture brings back the juvenile state of the old, tired mother plant and fully removes pests and pathogens, clonal degradation or “genetic drift” becomes highly unlikely.
6How does Tissue Culture technology create a more predictable crop?
Tissue Culture clones are true-to-type to their mother plant’s genetics. That means you can accurately predict phenotypes and chemotypes based on the individual mother plant’s profile. Tissue culture plants are grown in optimal nutrients and under the best conditions, making them healthier and stronger. We use no harsh chemicals and keep our plants pest and pathogen free. Tissue Culture clones are not impacted by the abiotic or biotic stress experienced by a mother plant, meaning they have improved performance & quality.