CloneLabs prides itself as being the foremost trusted provider of micropropagated cannabis starting material and cryopreservation services to licensed medical cannabis growers throughout Africa.



Micropropagation is a biotechnological technique used to rapidly multiply plant clones in sealed and sterile conditions. The technique makes use of plant tissue culture methodologies where plantlets are grown in a synthetic, gel like media, which contains everything the plant needs to grow. Specific plant growth regulators are then added to the synthetic media which promote the rapid production of new shoots. These new shoots can then be separated and placed back into fresh growth media to create individual clones of the parent plant. This process can be repeated until the desired number of plant clones is reached.
Large Scale Fulfilment
Micropropagation allows for rapid fulfilment of almost any order quantity suitable for commercial cannabis production
Guaranteed True to Type Genetics
Micropropagated cannabis plantlets are all genetic clones of the original mother plant. This, combined with the large production runs, results in harvests of unmatched uniformity and consistency.
Increased Plant Vigor
Clones generated from traditional cuttings-based techniques often show reduced vigor compared to the original mother plant. Micropropagation preserves the juvenility of each clone resulting in sustained vigor through all clonal generations
Pathogen free
Cannabis clones generated through micropropagation are pathogen free. Micropropagation is also the only technique capable of eliminating viruses and systemic pathogens from plant material without the use of fungicides or bactericides.
Dependable Delivery
Due to the predictability of the micropropagation process, orders can be scheduled ahead of time and delivered to your facility on time, every time.


Using guaranteed pathogen free meristematic tissue, CloneLabs is able to cryogenically store your prized cannabis genetics indefinitely in two independent genetic vaults for redundancy. Upon your request, we are able to regenerate healthy plants from your stored tissue which can be made available for your use in breeding programs or full-scale production of medical cannabis.